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What if…

You could pick from anyone in a worldwide community to learn from…

Right now!

It’s our vision, our passion, and our mantra. We are young, multicultural, and fearless with respect to promoting global education access to everyone. Let’s learn together. Come join our community!

PEERS edu is a U.S. company based in San Diego, California. To inquire about partnership opportunities where PEERS edu platform could be used for your industry, send a message to [email protected].

Executive Gang

andres abeyta

Andres Abeyta, CEO & Founder USA

20 year CEO in e-Learning industry. MA Education. He has travelled around the world to acquire partners for the platform with a dogged determination. He examines every detail as a software architect, for his e-Learning implementations for NOAA, USFS, Navy, USMC, and BLM for over 100,000 users around the world.


Tom Goodwin, Chief Marketing Officer USA

20 years of international experience selling technology in Asia for Alcatel Lucent. MBA. He’s travelled to every continent and has a gift for bringing people together with focused business goals.


Dr. George Boggs, National Community College Advisor USA

CEO Emeritus of the American Association of Community Colleges. His access to college deans around the country is unparalleled. When his warm personality calls, they respond and we get a meeting.

David Stremba, International Pathways Advisor USA

15 years of travelling the world developing the international education sector for Navitas, INTO, Kaplan, and Campus Group Holdings. MBA with nothing but success in developing long-term B2U relationships.

Greg Wilfahrt, Chief Mobility and Marketing Officer USA

Founded and/or managed 6 startups two of which were ranked among the Top 25 most visited online sites (MP3.com and SMS.ac). Multiple times called as expert to address Congress about distribution of digital content. He is proactive in designing the future of ‘the mobility of everything’.

Marketing Gang


Elizabeth Abeyta, Social Media Manager USA

“I am very excited about the power of focused web advertising to expose these practical vernaculars to specific international communities.”


Daniel Caramori, VP International Interns Brazil

“For me, PEERS edu is a powerful tool that encourages everyone to teach and learn in a really deep and engaging manner. We are generating genuine interactions, from real people to real people.”

Ayaka Nagasaki, Social Channels Japan

“Working at PEERS edu  gives me the chance to know various cultures! I have gone through the tough experience of learning English and know the value of this platform.”

Rachel Yang, Social Channels South Korea

“The friendly and passionate staff and environment at work has made me love my job experience at PEERS edu . We provide an interactive face to face platform for those who want to improve and practice their English and other languages without the intimidation.”


Ashley Hinojos, Social Channels USA

“I wanted to work at PEERS edu because they teach language in a deeper way than a language class can achieve. It’s great to be a part of a motivated and passionate team.”


Tiffany Phan, Social Channels Vietnam

“Growing up and learning to speak different languages has opened my mind to the world around me. I joined the PEERS edu  because I wanted to help others in their journey of studying another language and to learn about the different cultures around the world.”

Development Gang


Dave Van Mouwerik, Product Development USA

“For me, PEERS edu represents an effort to bring people together, and to foster relationships and better understanding among people throughout the world. It is technology with a heart and a soul.”


Prathyusha Makam, Mobile Developer India

PEERS edu provides opportunity to everyone to learn irrespective of age and geography. As a workplace, it provides a collaborative environment and encourages ideas on the basis of merit rather than the experience of the individual.”


Ryan Chan, Technical Support USA

“I enjoy learning, and I know it is hard to study something without any guides. I work in PEERS edu because I hope our future generation can learn and practice in a more efficient way.”