Dealing with Stress in COVID America


Now is an unprecedented time American history. With the rise of COVID-19 and nationwide protests, many people are dealing with high levels of stress. How we navigate our stress differs for all individuals, but here are some methods we can all use to understand and cope with stress.


Self Reflection

Reflecting on your own current conditions and the world around you will help bring about understanding of your internal and external stressors. The key to self reflection is critical thinking – something we are encouraged to do from a young age, but we can lose touch with this skill from time to time. Through self reflection, we can exercise our critical thinking skills and gain awareness of our self and our environment. Some questions to ask ourselves are “what is bothering me, and why?” and “what can I do about it?” These questions will hopefully help guide your way to recognizing your stressors in an explicit manner, and encourage ways we can change within ourselves and our environment.


Self Expression

Expressing yourself can take many forms such as dance, music, art, writing, and even talking with a friend, though this list is not all inclusive. These activities tap into your creative side which further allow you to express yourself through these outlets. Self expression is not only a means to relieve stress, it can also be used as a mediator of self reflection. While we participate in these kinds of activities, it’s not uncommon to also tap in to our reflective state and discover new realizations held within our subconscious. 


Internal and External Activity

Studies have shown that physical activity stimulates the brain and, of course, the body. Whether the activity is going for a run, practicing yoga, or even playing games, all of these methods can help in relieving stress. Furthermore, within your own physical space, try to create an environment that is pleasing to you and bring reminders of happiness. This can include plants, pictures, or trinkets that bring joy to your space and enhance your leisure time if possible. Small moments can be deeply meaningful and sources of great relief. 


Giving back to your community

Understand that the current events in America affect everyone to different degrees. However, you are not alone in this dilemma. In a time when our communities are being affected and endangered, it’s important that we support one another when possible. 


Stress is a challenge we all must accept and overcome in our own lives. Understanding how to face our stressors, both internal and external, and learning from them allows us to grow and adapt to the uncertain dilemmas that life constantly carries. PEERS edu is a great way to engage with your community through peer to peer tutoring. Whether you need to find online help with homework or are looking for jobs as a tutor, PEERS edu supports a global community that is inclusive of all people. 


How do you manage different stressors in your life? What kinds of activities promote your self-reflexivity?


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