Finding Avenues for Your Future

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In today’s society, there is an expectation to make an impact on this world no matter how big or small. As an average college student, that burden of expectations is a heavy one as I have spent thousands on a piece of paper that is supposed to guide me towards my future career. No matter who you are or where you stand in society, there lies a heavy weight on all of us to make a difference that we seldom know how to make without feeling confused, lost, and hopeless from time to time.


I am here to tell you that those feelings are normal and valid, however, if you knew there were resources that could guide you to a future, would you use them? Would you actively look for them? My hope is that your answer to this question is yes. Because these resources could be crucial in the decision making that could lead you to the career and future you have been looking for all this time.


When people ask questions about anything, a majority of the time the answer is Google. “How to be successful.” “How to get a stable job.” “How to find a career I’m passionate about.” All of these entries or similar ones are guaranteed to be in a number of people’s search histories. These are tough questions with millions of answers on Google. However, my answer is one that you hear a lot about but many people push aside. 



Especially at a time where job markets are frozen, no one can really meet in person, and students are graduating with a degree ready to start their post grad lives without a job or internship due to cancellations, networking has never been more crucial to success. Whether it is going on LinkedIn to find people that work for companies you have an interest in or previous professors that made an impression on you, networking is a major factor in changing your path towards the career you’ve been looking for. However, if you are hesitant to contact people I have mentioned, there is one demographic of people that make great resources for advice on any type of career, degree, college, or company experience.



Even if you are not enrolled in any university or have any ambition to go to college, college alumni are spectacular resources for anything education or career related. Reaching out to people that have gone down different paths to different colleges and pursued different careers can provide a basic blueprint for your potential future. Just like at family gatherings where your parents would tell you to ask your uncle who went to this university for advice or to this aunt about the medical field, use your resources. The people who have had the life experience are major resources to help you gain a basic understanding of what the real world is like as a working adult trying to find their way in the world. 


That’s why with social media and virtual learning, now is a crucial time to make that move and reach out to those who could help you narrow down your options and guide you. Although trying to find answers yourself is a possibility, no team, company, or building was ever built by just one person. So I encourage you to talk to people and seek advice and help from others. You will find that the people you reach out to may be the people that become your most crucial supporters in helping you achieve your goals and aspirations. What are your goals for the future? 


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