The Benefits of an International Experience Through Studying Abroad


Our Guest Blogger is Daisha, one of our great tutors! 

Getting a job has become all about professional experience. Like any other student, I came to learn that heart shattering reality fairly early on after entering college. Most people don’t consider the fact that going abroad can be a highly sought after trait, and can therefore help in enhancing professional competitiveness. With the proper utilization, your experience can be used for the better!

It differentiates you from the competition

I was able to gain valuable cultural and professional experience that I would have never experienced in the US alone. A lot of people never get to have an international experience or travel outside of their home country.  So by going abroad, employers are able to see that you’re not only open culturally, but possess the possible skills necessary to be successful in a global economy.

It’s a great resume builder

Your resume is as good a time as any to highlight any relevant experience that you did abroad for potential employers.  When I returned to the US I made sure to update my resume to reflect the time I spent teaching English abroad as a relevant professional experience. To me, my abroad experience was something new and exciting yet scary, as it was certainly nerve wracking to encounter a new country and culture by myself. And potential employers will recognize your ability to deal with new situations, and adapt culturally. Whether it be your studies, work, volunteer, internship or even travel- it can all be seen as great resume boosters.

It can help boost your appeal in interviews

Not everything can be relayed through paper, so make sure that you’re able to successfully articulate how your international experience impacted you and your professional life. I was able to show my passion and delve more into my experience abroad when given the chance to talk about it through interview. I found I was best able to communicate my experience when I discussed my reasons for going abroad, and the goals that I was able to accomplish from my experience.


These are all important factors to consider when looking at the professional relevance of your international experience. Because ultimately it can help boost conversation and spur lasting relationships both personally and professionally. And if you’re interested in getting some help to discuss how your time abroad can help you in a professional setting, the one-on-one speaking platform of PEERS edu is right for you.

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