The Top 4 Millennial Habits and Traits


Our Guest Blogger is Daisha, one of our great tutors!

It feels like every time I’m reading or watching the news these days there is always news (some good, and a lot of bad) that relate to the most talked about generation of right now, the millennials. Also known as generation Y, making up about 25% of the population, they can be categorized as those born between approximately 1977 and 2000. As technology expands, millennials are making themselves more known than ever. Both in the way that we spread our views, to the way in which we spend our money. As a millennial I can definitely see both the good and bad that this generation has to offer. But overall, they are changing the world slowly but surely. And these top 6 habits demonstrate why.

Millennials spend a lot!

This generation loves to spend money on the simple things like comforts and conveniences. So services such as Uber, are highly popular. Compared to baby boomers in generation x, millennials are simply more willing to spend money on trivial things that they find comforting. And while this can be seen as a bad thing in some ways, in a lot of others it opens the door for millennials to trying various new things, which can lead to interesting opportunities.

Mobile access is key!

More than ever before, most millennials are tech savvy and require access to the internet whether it be for personal or professional reasons. And with the (questionable) financial means to do so, millennials are also 2.5 times more likely to be the early adopters of technology compared to other generations. And it is for this reason that this generation is constantly on their phones, or laptops, or other mobile devices as it’s become so important that everything be available on the go, on demand, and in an instant. And with more people using the internet to build a career than ever before, mobile access is EVERYTHING in this day and age.

Millennials Care!

Compared to other generations, millennials are more likely to care about whether or not a company values social good, or is an active part of the community. And they most especially take this into consideration when they are buying a product of some sort. If a company is one that is helping their community, or giving back then they are more likely to buy the product or view the company in a good light. Because they care about what is happening in the world today on a bigger level, they want to see that the companies they support have a similar mindset.

Millennials Move at their own pace.

Millennials are taking the world by storm- but at their own pace. This specific generation has been slower to marry, or to move out and live on their own. And for good reason, with an unstable economy and unclear futures, millennials don’t feel rushed to move out of their parent’s homes or to get married early. Rather, most feel the need to establish themselves professionally, and build stable finances before attempting to start a family. However, this doesn’t mean that millennials don’t want these things! Quite the contrary, even when talking with my friends we always discuss how we want to have the not so typical ‘American dream’ family. But these days it seems like financial stability and starting a family, go hand in hand.


These traits and habits, while very modern in their practice are overall what make millennials so influential. And a company such as PEERS edu would be a perfect match for this generation and their needs. Not only can it provide them with the mobile access they require, but PEERS edu also promotes social issues such as quality and affordable education. In an instant students can gain access to a tutor of their choice, and to discuss topics of their choice, much like an uber-transaction. And with the way millennials love to spend, and for such a good cause, PEERS edu can help provide both students and tutors with wonderful opportunities to connect and share knowledge through educational interaction. This affordable person-to-person education is available anytime, anywhere, with anyone through a simple click of a button!

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