Top 5 Places to Travel in California


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Growing up in California for most of my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the state quite a bit. The state itself being the third largest state by area, and the most highly populated state in the U.S, makes it a destination that travelers from all over (even in the US) want to travel to. Especially because the state is filled with a lot of beautiful traveling destinations, and fun activities to partake in. So if you’re looking to explore California, then continue reading to discover the 7 (in no particular order) best places to travel inside of California!

San Diego

Being born and raised in San Diego, I can definitely speak to the amount of fun and diverse attractions that the city has to offer. As one of the most populous cities in California, and with the city being located right near the Mexico border, the amount of diverse culture is endless. Being home to tons of popular beaches like Coronado, museums like the ones held in Balboa Park, navy bases and more- San Diego is perfect for any relaxing and fun culture filled vacation. San Diego is very much the place to go when wanting to experience the best of sightseeing and attractions. Because San Diego itself is located near many beaches the views offered are simply breathtaking. But with attractions such as Seaworld, or the San Diego Zoo, this city offers activities outside of the typical sightseeing destination.

Death Valley

Death Valley is a national park, that is widely known because this park lies below sea level, which makes it one of the hottest (and lowest) National Parks in America. But despite that Death Valley is very much a lovely sight to see, offering unique sights and attractions to all who visit. Before heading on your journey you can visit their visitor center in order to learn more about the National Park, as well as to receive maps and other information about the park. And from there you can explore Death Valley to your heart’s content, by foot, bike, car/jeep, or even by help of a tour guide! Death Valley certainly can offer a bit of fun for everyone.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is another breathtaking park located in California, that is highly popular. Known for its beautiful waterfalls, the park also offers a myriad of other sights that tourists can visit in order to make the most of their vacation. The deep valleys, expansive areas of wilderness, and ginormous meadows are among many of the various activities that Yosemite offers. And if you’re looking to make your trip to Yosemite worthwhile, you could camp at the park! This is one of the most popular activities to do at Yosemite because the park is simply so big, so it takes quite a bit of time to explore. With the right amount of planning, anyone can conquer and have fun at Yosemite National Park.

Los Angeles/Anaheim

Although Anaheim is not located in LA, they are often lumped together. Disneyland is located in Anaheim, so that makes it the perfect location for anyone looking to go on a fun child-like adventure. As well, Anaheim is home to many large stadiums, so you may find yourself down in the area for a concert or two. While LA on the other hand is a city filled with interesting things to do and eat. And with Universal Studios located right in the center, it’s certainly not lacking in attractions for family and friend fun. As well, as it’s home to places such as Little Tokyo, Koreatown, and Hollywood, there is bound to be attractions and yummy food places for people from all walks of life to enjoy!

San Francisco

San Francisco is known to be one of the most visited cities in all of California. Known for being a very modern and technological city, many people seek to move to San Francisco because of this, as such the cost of living is quite high. But that’s a small price to pay in order to live in a very culturally diverse and advanced city. And with so many attractions to see, such as the Golden Gate Bridge or Park (among other things such as tours), San Francisco offers a wide variety of things to do. Making the experience for most travelers quite enjoyable and fast paced.

All in all if you are looking to travel, California is definitely a great state to do it in, as California offers vacation and travel spots that are endless. And if you are looking to learn more about California and its culture, feel free to come over to PEERS edu today! You will not only be able to practice your language speaking skills with our trained tutors, but you can also learn about subjects of your choosing (such as travel in California) as well. So if you’re looking to further improve your English speaking skills, can offer you the assistance you need in order to further improve your speaking and cultural understanding.

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