What Kind of Learner are You?

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When it comes to finding the right tutor for you, the first step is finding someone best suited to your learning style or needs. This quiz will help you get started! There are four different kinds of learners: kinesthetic, visual, auditory, and script learners Take this five-question quiz in order to find out more of what kind of learner you are!

Question 1:

Which is your favorite subject?

  1. Speech (Auditory)
  2. Science (kinesthetic)
  3. English (script)
  4. Math (visual)

Question 2:

Pick a symbol.

  1.  ? 
  2.  ?
  3.  ␛
  4.  ◣

Question 3:

When given a task I like to:

  1. Teach someone what I learned
  2. I like hands-on experience!
  3. I like to jot down notes about what I need to do.
  4. I would prefer to see it on a schedule or task list.

Question 4:

Which elective did you find the easiest?

  1. Music
  2. Culinary
  3. Journalism / creative writing
  4. Photography

Question 5:

Which statement sounds more like you?

  1. I’m a pro at multitasking, I can play games and listen to the professor at the same time!
  2. When are we going to actually do something here, I’m tired of sitting down.
  3. If I write down my thoughts or bullet point my tasks for the day I will feel so much better!
  4. I have no idea what we are learning, where are the pictures at?


Hopefully, this quiz will help guide you in discovering the best tutor for you at PEERS edu! Tally up your results, if you have mostly As then you are an auditory learner, mostly Bs then you are a kinesthetic learner, mostly Cs means you are a special category labelled Script and lastly if you had mostly Ds then you are a visual learner. For further info scroll down below and find out what it means.



Someone who learns best through touch. An example of an effective teaching method is teaching the student through real-life practice or practice simulations. Having the student do a field exercise or practice writing their assignments in an open environment may help them with the writing process.



Visual learners learn best through images such as graphs, or bullet-point lists. They would work well with small charts or any visual representation of the work they seek help in. Have the student map out a diagram or categorize what they are learning to help them visualize the greater picture.



Auditory learners are skilled in listening and only require a great speaker to fit their needs. They have a tendency to multitask and may need a push in focusing on one task at a time. A tutor best suited for their needs is someone who can pronounce 



This learning style is best for those who like to read or write. Script learning is best practiced when utilizing reading or writing in the learning process like described in a couple of sentences what is going on in a graph or formula.


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