How to Be Productive During Quarantine


Our Guest Blogger is Loralyn, one of our great tutors! 

After a couple months in quarantine, I’m sure you and the rest of the world are feeling a little stir crazy and lost with what to do to keep busy. That being said, just because we’re in quarantine does not mean you have to grind and constantly be doing something. Take this time to relax and get in tune with yourself to make sure your physical and mental wellbeing are in good shape. Or just fill the time with Netflix shows and learn TikTok dances. Whatever floats your boat. However, if you’re still in a grind mindset and need to grind to stay sane, here’s a couple things you can do to keep you productive and hopefully enlightened with new knowledge and/or personal improvement. 


Look for Internships

Although the job market is frighteningly horrible due to the pandemic, there are still companies out there offering remote internships for people. Whether it is paid or unpaid, any experience to keep you busy but also in contact with a company and people that could help you in the future is a great way to stay productive during a time where it isn’t safe to physically meet with people. For students, Handshake is a great website to find internships that maybe your school is offering as well as others that are more targeted towards specific majors. Otherwise Indeed and LinkedIn are other great sites to find other internships.


Take Free Ivy League Course

I know the idea of school during quarantine is not the most fun idea. However, if you are motivated to learn a new concept or skill and even get the certification for it, why not? A few Ivy League colleges are offering around 450 FREE online courses in a variety of subjects to enjoy. Courses only last about five to six weeks with videos, homework and quizzes. Don’t stress. Even though there are due dates, you can do the work when you want as long as you finish before the course ends. Here’s a link to all of the courses being offered:


Learn a New Language

As an enthusiast for Asian languages, I have been learning Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese for a little while now. During this quarantine, I’ve been indulging even more with online classes and resources like Pimsleur and Duolingo to help aid my language learning. Learning a new language can be a great way to connect to a culture you’ve always been interested in.There are tons of language apps and videos on Youtube to at least give you the basics of different languages. You could also just listen to some music or find a Netflix show in that language. Listening to the language often helps with your familiarization.  Indulge in the music, the entertainment, the food even. Learning about new cultures is a great way to feel connected to another part of the world from your own home. 


Build a LinkedIn Profile

Although most of us are unemployed or currently work from home, this time is a great time to get your profile and portfolios updated with any work that you’ve previously done. When the job market opens back up, now’s a great time to get all of your profiles and documents ready for action as soon as a job opportunity pops up. Employers will like that during the quarantine you were actively getting things done, so start now. Fix up your LinkedIn profile by creating an original tagline that best describes you and your ambitions. Make sure your “about me” section is thoughtful and describes more than the fact that you’re a student or an accountant. Make sure you list all of your previous work and volunteer experience as well as awards or certificates. And lastly, make sure you connect with previous coworkers or people you think would be great to network with using a message that is genuine as to why you think they’d be a great connection. 


While quarantine may be taking a toll on all of us, there are plenty of activities out there to hopefully fill a bit of the void left by the restrictions on social distancing and out of the house adventures. It’s important that during this time we stay motivated in following these restrictions to save lives, but of course, the mental toll can have a serious effect on us. I’m right there with you. So in turn, I hope these suggestions were helpful and allow you to find the joy in self-improvement and hopefully guides you to activities that you never thought you would enjoy. What’s your favorite way to be productive during quarantine? 

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